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Industry: Ad Tech

Solution: INAP Bare Metal & INAP Performance IP

Sovrn Chooses INAP Bare Metal and Network Solutions to Power Leading Ad Technology

Business Challenge

Sovrn provides innovative advertising technology to help its clients—independent publishers—grow their audiences and make money through engaging advertising. The ad tech ecosystem is dynamic and ever changing, meaning Sovrn needs to solve internet-scale problems as fast as innovation happens online. Network speed is also critical to the business, because the difference of just a few milliseconds matters significantly to publishers serving ads to consumers via Sovrn tools and technologies. Finally, systems always need to be up and available, as every minute of downtime could result in lost revenues for publishers.


Sovrn’s IT infrastructure must be flexible, highly scalable and component based to allow technology to be added with ease, all while users operate in a low-latency and available environment. To support these needs and power its global platform, Sovrn, a customer since 2017, leverages INAP for network performance and custom bare metal hosting solutions. INAP’s New York/New Jersey metro, Silicon Valley, Chicago and Amsterdam data centers already support the company’s mission. New footprints in Seattle and Ashburn were announced in June 2019.

INAP’s Bare Metal platform is a high-performance, single-tenant hosting solution built on the latest enterprise-grade hardware. API enabled services provide rapid configuration and customization, empowering customers like Sovrn to deploy their applications efficiently as they bring partners online.

Each custom-configured or on-demand server also includes INAP Performance IP®. INAP’s route-optimized IP service automatically directs Sovrn’s outbound traffic along the lowest-latency path. Globally, INAP’s Performance IP executes approximately 500 million route optimizations every day.

Sovrn has also found they can rely on INAP’s responsive customer service team. The partnership has made it easier for Sovrn to plan for the future as they work to offer new innovations and solutions to their customers.


    • Reliable, low-latency network performance for clients, including publishers, as well as agencies, brands and merchants who participate in the Sovrn ad exchange.
    • Scalability to meet customer growth and day-to-day traffic patterns.
    • Redundant and highly available global infrastructure solution.
    • Technology roadmaps for future initiatives through reliable customer service team.

“Sovrn solves internet-scale problems that change as fast as innovation happens on the internet. With INAP, we have a partner that enables that mission and supports our growth with high-performance infrastructure and superior network solutions.”

Jesse Demmel

Chief Technology Officer

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