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Offsite Protection For Mission-Critical Data.

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Backing up sensitive data on-premise is good, but in today’s threat landscape, it is not good enough. Only offsite cloud backups provide the highest level of data protection and redundancy. Powered by Veeam Cloud Connect, INAP Cloud Backup is a simple, affordable and secure way to guarantee data protection. In just a few minutes, back up to an enterprise-grade cloud repository.


With INAP Cloud Backup powered by Veeam Cloud Connect, you can extend your existing local Veeam Backups into the cloud securely and inexpensively for that offsite data protection. Cloud Backup licenses are included with your existing Veeam licenses, so all you need to pay for is the storage you need.

Service Includes:

  • Free Data Seeding
  • Service First Support 24/7
  • End-to-End Encryption
  • Insider Protection Available

Why INAP Cloud Backup?

As a Veeam Platinum Service Provider, INAP delivers platform expertise, high performance,
and reliable protection.


Avoid infrastructure costs building an offsite data center or hosted solution by simply paying for the storage you need with INAP Cloud Backup.

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Secure Data Seeding With DART Box

Transferring large amounts of data over the web isn’t optimal. INAP’s DART Box seeding system allows you to securely transfer large amounts of data into your offsite cloud repository.

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With Insider Protection, you gain an additional recycle bin capability that protects against accidental or malicious deletion of your data. In the event of unintended deletion or ransomware compromise, you can reach out to INAP Service First Support to transfer deleted backups back to your account. Chat to learn more about enabling Insider Protection

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Full Visibility & Control

With INAP and Veeam Cloud Connect, there’s no need to install new software. Schedule, configure and test your backups straight from your existing Veeam console.

Not already a Veeam customer? We can set you up.

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