Empowering IT Transformation

Our customers are at the vanguard of radically shifting IT infrastructure landscape. Tasked with delivering high-performing, always-on service to their users and customers, learn why they trust INAP to deliver beyond expectations.

Skillshot requires exceptional performance from its network infrastructure to prevent experience-killing latency and lag.

See How Skillshot Gets Ultra-Low Latency with INAP

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Sovrn needs reliable, low-latency network performance to solve internet-scale problems as fast as innovation happens online.

See Why Sovrn Chose INAP Bare Metal and Performance IP

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Onward Vet, a SaaS tool for veterinarian clinic management, requires expertise while migrating to the hyperscale AWS platform.

See Why They Went Fully Managed with INAP

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Hi-Rez, a maker of some of the world's best online games, requires low latency and scalable infrastructure for their growing community.

See How They Built a Seamless Hybrid Solution with INAP

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Adeptcore needs scalability and time savings to effectively deliver DaaS product, Adeptcloud.

See How Adeptcore Scales to Deliver with INAP

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DediPath, an IaaS provider, needs a partner that offers agility and solution flexibility to scale its expanding footprint.

See Why DediPath chose INAP Colocation and Performance IP

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Freedomtech Solutions, a systems integrator specializing in focuses on AI, blockchain and big data, needs a partner that offers high-density colocation and global connectivity.

See Why Freedomtech Solutions chose INAP Colocation

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“INAP’s ability to readily support the volume and scale we need helps us bring extraordinary ideas to life in some of Hollywood’s most successful films.”

Steve MacPherson

CTO, VFX, Framestore

“We have players that compete for literally millions of dollars of prizing, and INAP delivers the performance required for that type of highly competitive environment.”

Stew Chisam

President, Hi-Rez Studios