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Bare-Metal AgileSERVER

Get the performance of bare metal with the elasticity of cloud.

Bare-metal servers provide access to the full processing power of dedicated servers to meet unique requirements of high-performance workloads and applications. Flexible billing options, including term-based and usage-based billing down to the second, allow you to pay for the infrastructure you need, when you need it.

INAP’s™ bare-metal AgileSERVER offers dedicated CPU with the latest Intel® Xeon® processors, up to 1TB RAM, NVMe storage and increased disk I/O for more consistent networking and control than virtual servers.

Powered by OpenStack®, bare-metal instances can be managed through the OpenStack API or portal, and entire stack deployments can be orchestrated via Heat and Glance.

Starting From

US $129 00 /mo

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Bare-Metal Locations
  • Price-PerformanceBare metal allows you to meet performance and scalability requirements with fewer servers, resulting in cost efficiency. Watch the demo.
  • Cloud Elasticity Meet changing capacity needs by provisioning AgileSERVER in minutes and managing instances via CLI, API or portal. Read case study.
  • Hybridization Mix and match bare metal with virtual cloud, colocation and other hosting environments via a common portal and API. Read the white paper.
  • NVM Storage Bare-metal servers with access to the latest generation of NVMe storage technology offer significantly higher IOPS for your most demanding applications. Learn more about NVMe.
  • Universal Transfer Unique single bucket IP lowers cost by enabling bandwidth sharing across environments. Watch the video.
  • Network Security Each account includes up to 10 VLANs and NIC bonding for improved network isolation, security and redundancy. Download the data sheet.

Server Categories

Available in a wide range of hourly and monthly server configurations, AgileSERVER allows you to pay for the infrastructure you need, when you need it.

  • Single Processor
    • Starting From


      or US$0.1734/hr
      • Xeon E3-1200 / E5-1600 Series
      • 4–6 CPU Cores
      • 8–64 GB Memory
      • 1 Internal HDD / SSD
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  • Dual Processor
    • Starting From


      or US$0.4483/hr
      • Xeon E5-2600 Series
      • 12–20 CPU Cores
      • 32–512 GB Memory
      • 1–16 Internal HDD / SSD
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