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Your applications never let up.
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Get uncompromising performance with
INAP Bare Metal.

For workloads and applications that demand robust compute and reliable performance, choose INAP Bare Metal—your high-performance, single-tenant hosting solution. Your custom-configured or on-demand solution includes dedicated CPU with the latest Intel® Xeon® processors, up to 1 TB RAM, NVMe storage and increased disk I/O for more consistent networking and control than virtual servers.

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Sovrn needs dedicated resources and reliable, low-latency network performance to solve internet-scale problems as fast as innovation happens online.

See Why Sovrn Chose INAP Bare Metal.

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Deploy for Performance. Deploy with Purpose.
INAP Bare Metal Server Hosting.

INAP Bare Metal server hosting delivers the hardware, specs and customization you need to power your mission-critical applications. Choose a starting point to begin your order. Be online in as short as an hour.

Offload the Upkeep. Never Lose Sight. Maintain Peak Performance.

Upgrade to Managed Bare Metal with INAP Intelligent Monitoring for proactive support, service transparency and consistent results.

  • Comprehensive, in-depth monitoring
  • Alert remediation powered by Smart Workflow system
  • Fully managed infrastructure and OS support
  • Feature-rich infrastructure management toolkit included
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Why INAP Bare Metal?

With INAP, your hosting solution delivers benefits far beyond the hardware.

High-Performance Network

The highway for your horsepower. Your Bare Metal solution includes an industry leading network blend that routes your traffic on the lowest-latency path.

Price Meets Performance

Don’t pay more for peak performance. With more operations per second and a better network, you save on upfront and ongoing costs for data-intensive workloads.

Expand Your Footprint

Close the gap between audience and application. Our Bare Metal-enabled data centers are strategically located across North America, Europe and Asia.

Universal Transfer

Unique single-bucket IP lowers cost by enabling bandwidth sharing across environments. 10 TB of bandwidth is included in the monthly cost.

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Resource Flexibility

Need bursting for unpredictable workloads? Or extra resources for dev testing? Easily spin up additional servers via an API-driven management portal.

Solution flexibility via spend portability

Infrastructure needs change fast. Choose a provider that gives you flexibility after you deploy. INAP’s spend portability program allows you to swap your Bare Metal investment dollar for dollar for different hardware configurations, locations, or services.

Leave The Upkeep to INAP

Fully managed bare metal services to free you up for what matters most.

Managed Security

Lock down your environment and protect against malicious attacks. INAP is your remote Security Operations Center.

Managed Storage

Offload your storage management to INAP with our powerful enterprise SAN solutions.

Managed Backups

Protect your critical data with backup services tailored to your bare metal cloud server environment.