INAP Executive Spotlight: Matt Cuneio, Vice President, Network Operations Center

Matt Cuneio is Vice President, Network Operations Center (NOC). He oversees our customer support teams, ensuring that our customers get top tier technical support. During his two-and-a-half-year tenure at INAP, he’s aligned all support employees to form team of roughly 95 members who support customers across all INAP products. Read on to learn more about what makes Matt tick, and how he’s worked to shatter silos in order to build a stronger INAP.

INAP Executive Spotlight: Jackie Coats, Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Jackie Coats is Senior Vice President, Human Resources. In this role, she puts her passion for helping employees and leaders unlock their potential and accomplish goals to good use. In our conversation, Coats discussed what drew her to this role at INAP, how she’s working with the other senior leaders to build a strong company culture and much more. Jackie brings her enthusiasm to the forefront of everything she does.

IT Professionals Day 2020: 5 Reasons to Thank Your IT Team

Today is IT Professionals Day. While we advocate thanking your IT team regularly, this year in particular our IT teams have taken on a lion’s share of work in helping many companies go remote, protecting us from ongoing cyberthreats and accelerating digital transformation initiatives. Check out our five reasons to thank your IT team.

Deploying Kubernetes on Bare Metal

Kubernetes is a portable, extensible platform for managing containerized workloads and services. It is an increasingly popular tool for moving workloads efficiently across platforms with less overhead than traditional virtual machines (VMs). Kubernetes’s capability to automate application orchestration, scaling and management makes it a very attractive lightweight platform for deploying workloads at large scale. It has been gaining momentum as a form of building cloud-like environments for web-scale type of applications, especially on bare metal servers.