Network Redundancy vs. Network Diversity: What’s the Difference, and Do I Need Both?

Network Redundancy doesn’t always protect you from the leading causes of network outages, and it can’t always protect you from less frequent, but more catastrophic incidents, like floods or fires. Sometimes construction work, human error and even squirrels can interrupt your network service. To protect against these scenarios, network diversity is the answer.

Year in Review: The Best of 2019

For INAP employees, 2019 was the first full calendar year to live out the message of our new brand identity, revealed in late 2018: Performance for Your Purpose. Here at the ThinkIT Blog, we aim to cover topics that will assist in living out this message through thought leadership, solution specific content and original industry research. Check out the list of our 10 favorite blogs from 2019 to see what you may have missed.

Survey: The Top Challenges Facing IT Departments in 2020

There will be no shortage of strategic challenges confronting IT leaders and infrastructure managers in 2020, but one issue rises above the pack: Migrating applications to the cloud. This is the second year INAP asked 500 IT professionals with cloud, server or data center management responsibilities to select their top three challenges from a list of perennial issues.The results showcase a reshuffling of the leading challenges, with cloud migrations supplanting 2019’s No. 1 answer. Take a look at the full list and analysis and commentary from INAP experts.

New Survey Report: The State of IT Infrastructure Management

INAP surveyed 500 IT professionals with data center, server and cloud infrastructure responsibilities at companies in the U.S. and Canada to create the second annual State of IT Infrastructure Management report. In this year’s report, we delve further into what’s driving the decline of on-premise data centers and highlight the factors associated with successful infrastructure strategies in the hybrid and multicloud era.