GratITude: Keeping Customers Online In the Face of Disaster

The INAP GratITude Series highlights the hard-working members of our data center and IT teams in essential roles powering a connected world. Their dedication enables our thousands of global customers to successfully operate their businesses in good times and in times of immense challenge. In this GratITude post, we share the story of our dedicated Dallas data center team and how they overcame the Texas winter storms to keep our customers online.

INAP: The Hybrid Infrastructure Company

INAP is a global provider of secure, performance-oriented hybrid infrastructure solutions. We bring together an interconnected ecosystem of enterprise cloud, data center and managed services on a single technology platform. “The Hybrid Infrastructure Company” that helps simplify your infrastructure transformation journey.

IT Professionals Find Optimism Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

INAP’s Senior Vice President, Product & Technology, Jennifer Curry, appeared as a guest on a recent episode of TechStrong TV, a web series produced by the editors of and Digital Anarchist. Curry discusses INAP’s latest research about the pandemic’s impact on IT infrastructure strategies, the prominence of security solutions in 2021 and the importance of visibility in managed services.

Choosing a Colocation Provider: Criteria and Questions to Find the Best Fit

To choose a best-fit colocation provider for your company, you’ll have to know your needs and be able to properly evaluate potential partners. Unsure of where to start? Read on for considerations and questions to get you on the right track.