Dedicated Private Cloud vs. Virtual Private Cloud: What’s the Difference?

A simple analogy comparing dedicated private cloude and virtual private cloud would be choosing between a single-family private home (DPC) versus a condo building (VPC). Let’s discuss each cloud product in greater depth and review use cases for dedicated vs. virtual private clouds.

Webcast Replay: Providing 24/7 Visibility and Pervasive Coverage with MDR

The second tenet of Alert Logic’s Managed Detection and Response Manifesto states that any MDR solution needs to provide 24/7 visibility and cover all assets in an organization. INAP’s Jennifer Curry, SVP, Product & Technology, joined Alert Logic and Bloor Research for a discussion related to this tenet of Alert Logic’s The MDR Manifesto. Listen to the replay here.

MDR Requires Visibility and Vigilance

No matter how large or small an organization is, where it’s located, or what industry it is in, there are some simple truths when it comes to cybersecurity: You can’t protect assets you’re not even aware of, and you can’t do security part-time. Working with a managed detection and response (MDR) provider is an effective way to address cybersecurity, but there is confusion about the capabilities that solid MDR requires. Learn more about the visibility and vigilance MDR needs.

IT Pros Pick the Household Pets Most Representative of Their Work Styles in New INAP Survey

INAP polled 500 IT pros to determine which household pets best replicate their on-the-job personas. Respondents were asked to choose their primary from a list of household and exotic pets and corresponding characteristics. Since most people don’t fit perfectly in a box, participants were given the option to select a secondary persona, as well. The results aren’t very scientific but are revealing, nevertheless.