6 Tips for Managing Cloud Security in the Modern Threat Landscape

Despite longstanding myths, cloud environments are not inherently less secure than on-premise. With so many people migrating workloads to the cloud, however, it’s important to be aware of the threat landscape. Here, we cover six ways to secure your cloud.

3 Tips for Making Sure Your Brand’s Website Is Ready on Super Bowl Sunday

There’s a hidden cost to even the most successful, buzz-generating Super Bowl ads: All that hard-earned attention can easily bring a website to a standstill or break it altogether. There’s a lesson here for marketers for brands of all sizes. Align your planned or unplanned viral triumphs with a tech infrastructure capable of rising to the occasion.

Survey: Monitoring and OS Maintenance are IT Pros Biggest Infrastructure Time Wasters

For INAP’s second annual State of IT Infrastructure Management report, we asked IT professionals to list the routine infrastructure activities taking too much and too little of their time. Once again, monitoring topped the “too much time” list, while designing and implementing new solutions ranked No. 1 in the “not enough time” category.

New Survey Report: The State of IT Infrastructure Management

INAP surveyed 500 IT professionals with data center, server and cloud infrastructure responsibilities at companies in the U.S. and Canada to create the second annual State of IT Infrastructure Management report. In this year’s report, we delve further into what’s driving the decline of on-premise data centers and highlight the factors associated with successful infrastructure strategies in the hybrid and multicloud era.