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Managed Services

Tailored hosting to fit your needs, not ours

INAP’s managed services provide a tailored hosting environment that fits your particular application’s requirements. Work with one of our hosting solution design engineers, and we’ll help you build the exact environment to meet your availability, performance and budget requirements.

Managed Servers

Choose from a range of managed server solutions, from standardized, horizontally scalable systems to more tailored, managed server architectures.

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Managed Security Services

Protect your network with managed security services, including Managed Firewall, Anti-DDoS, Managed Intrusion Prevention and Intrusion Detection Systems (IPS/IDS).

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Managed Storage Services

Gain access to reliable on-demand storage without up-front investments. Our scalable solutions include enterprise-grade direct attached storage (DAS), network attached storage (NAS) and storage area network (SAN) products.

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Backup Services

Protect your data with dedicated server and shared backup solutions with no scripting required.

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Managed Network Services

Ports, switches, high bandwidth networking between servers.

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Additional Services

INAP provides additional managed services for IP, colocation and hosting.

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