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Industry: Gaming

Solution: INAP Performance IP

Esports Leader Skillshot Chooses INAP for Low-Latency Network Services 

Business Challenge

The massive growth of esports can be attributed to two major digital developments: online servers and streaming. Gamers are no longer geographically limited to neighborhood arcades or the couch. With the rise of this $1 billion-dollar industry, Skillshot Media builds communities through esports by operating online and offline video game competitions. The company has hosted thousands of global competitors across its events, payed out millions in tournament prizing and served more than one billion esports views to date.

Supporting grassroots tournaments, global leagues and live arena events that are streamed by viewers around the world, Skillshot requires exceptional performance from its network infrastructure to prevent experience-killing latency and lag.


Skillshot chooses INAP for its industry-leading network services. With INAP’s proprietary network optimization engine, Performance IP®, Skillshot enjoys the high-performance it needs to power and run its events. This technology enhances border gateway protocol (BGP) by assessing the best-performing routes in real time. The service makes a daily average of nearly 500 million optimizations daily across our global network and automatically places Skillshot’s outbound traffic on the fastest route.

In January 2020, Skillshot announced a strategic partnership with INAP to develop a new Esports Media Center—an operations center and production studio—located in INAP’s downtown Atlanta flagship data center. Being located in the Tier 3 facility not only gives Skillshot direct access to INAP’s global network but places the growing company in the heart of Atlanta’s thriving sports, media and cultural scenes.


  • Skillshot achieves ultra-low latency with Performance IP®, which makes a daily average of 500 million optimizations across INAP’s global network.
  • Outbound traffic for Skillshot event and game streams is sent on lowest latency path more than 99% of the time.

“The esports industry is massive. The competitive gaming phenomenon that used to be limited to the neighborhood arcade or your couch is now played globally and watched globally. Achieving that depends on exceptional network performance. Having a partner that can deliver a product specific to the demanding gaming audience, that’s very important. And that’s why we’re powered by INAP.”

Todd Harris

CEO, Skillshot

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