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Onward Vet

Industry: Healthcare, SaaS

Solution: Managed AWS

From Bare Metal to Hyperscale: INAP Manages Onward Vet’s Transition to AWS

Business Challenge

SaaS provider Onward Vet is a tool for veterinarians that allows them to run their clinics at peak efficiency without the headache of managing onsite IT. Users can securely manage records and clinics anywhere in the world, from any device. Onward Vet powered its SaaS application with INAP’s expertly designed, managed Bare Metal environment, but as the company grew its customer base to more than 500 clinics globally in just a few years, Co-Founder and CEO Rajat Sharma began fielding larger and larger opportunities. The company’s dedicated server strategy worked in the early years, but now it needed instant scalability as client workloads became more unpredictable. Sharma sought to migrate Onward Vet’s entire platform to AWS, including its reporting, email and database systems, but the company had little familiarity with the AWS platform.


To migrate to the public cloud, Onward Vet needed a partner for navigation and support throughout the process. With INAP Managed AWS, Onward Vet could take advantage of certified AWS engineers and architects, who expertly helped the company secure, maintain and optimize its public cloud environment.

The INAP Managed AWS team initially designed Onward Vet’s solution around RDS, Amazon’s relational database service; however, elements of the software, including its reporting functionality, were not performing well with a standard RDS deployment. Instead, INAP charted a better course: Using a Microsoft SQL Server in tandem with fault-tolerant EC2 instances and other complementary AWS services.

In addition to provisioning the infrastructure, INAP configured every aspect of the solution, including the AWS Virtual Private Clouds, networks, security group rules, S3 Buckets and the Amazon Simple Email Service environment.


  • Onward Vet’s AWS infrastructure is fully managed through INAP Managed AWS, a service that includes 24/7 system monitoring, provisioning and, if necessary, managed disaster recovery failover to a redundant AWS Availability Zone.
  • Onward Vet does not need to dedicate resources to day-to-day infrastructure upkeep.
  • Onward’s global customer base is supported, and the company is set up for growth with this best-fit, tailored solution

“At Onward Vet, we are driven by our mission to help veterinarians operate their clinics at peak efficiency via our one-of-a-kind SaaS platform. INAP’s experts give us peace of mind by excellently managing our Amazon Web Services environment, ensuring our service is secure, scalable and always available.”

Rajat Sharma

Co-Founder and CEO

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