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Industry: Internet & Big Data Technologies, Systems Integrations

Solution: INAP Colocation

Freedomtech Drives Innovation for Customers, Backed by INAP’s Global Network and High-Density Colocation


Business Challenge

Past INAP surveys and other studies posted online highlight that a majority of IT professionals spend too much time handling monitoring and maintenance tasks that “keep the lights on.” The average CTO manages the information stack, data and technology stacks and staff members. All of this leaves little to no time for innovation.

Freedomtech Solutions works to resolve this time crunch, harnessing and embedding innovative and digital transformation solutions to assist IT leaders in delivering positive business outcomes. In addition to the consultancy side of the business, Freedomtech’s team focuses on AI, blockchain and big data to help organizations implement processes around these areas.

Customers, including tech giants, government agencies and many VPN and security companies, approach Freedomtech with a business challenge, and then the team will map the technology to figure out which options are the ideal enablers to address those challenges and pain points.

As a systems integrator based in London, Freedomtech works with numerous vendors all over the world. The Freedomtech team tests and builds platforms for clients, and then they deliver these solutions globally. The company has reach in APAC, North America and Europe.

The global reach and experimental nature of Freedomtech’s work requires high-end connectivity and the ability to quickly scale to spin up new solutions around the world. For this high-density colocation infrastructure on a robust global network, Freedomtech turned to INAP.


Freedomtech initially chose INAP for its global reach, choices of upstream carriers and high-density colocation. Indy Kambo, Freedomtech COO, and Colin Woods, Freedomtech CEO, noted that their collective knowledge of INAP and its processes helped assure them they were in good hands as they continue to expand their global reach.

“As we grow our footprint, we need more and more racks,” said Kambo. “Typically, the servers that we have available to us in other data centers pull about four kilowatts of power. But with INAP, rather than having to procure separate racks and space, we can just use the existing high-density options that INAP has in those racks.”

With 46 data centers in 20 markets, INAP offers the reach and the infrastructure that Freedomtech requires to effectively meet their customers’ needs. INAP’s high-density colocation offers 20kW+ per cabinet, ensuring that Freedomtech gets the most for their investment.

Woods also noted the possibility of hybridization as another major draw to INAP. Both he and Kambo have seen more organizations leaving the cloud for colocation depending on the demands of their applications.

“We are seeing organizations come out of a cloud environment, but they’ll always want some element of cloud integration or cloud connectivity,” Woods said. “The great thing about INAP is that that whole colo-cloud conversation can be done with that layer of this ultimate connectivity solution.”

As Freedomtech works to drive client strategies forward, being mindful of and reactive to their needs, they can rest assured that INAP will be able to provide the necessary infrastructure and connectivity. And, as an added bonus, Freedomtech can find flexibility through INAP’s spend portability program to swap their colocation investment dollar for dollar for an INAP Bare Metal, INAP Private Cloud, or even a different INAP Colocation facility.

INAP’s customer service is also essential to forging a strong partnership with Freedomtech, acting as an extension of the Freedomtech team. “We’ve had a great experience with INAP from a NOC perspective and from a project perspective, as well,” Kambo said. “Everything was handled so well that we’re going to try to get the same project manager for the next installs as well, because he did a fantastic job for us.”


    • High-density colocation options to quickly spin up new solutions
    • A 35% increase in operational efficiency
    • A 40% cost savings on data center services
    • A global network to expand global footprint
    • Hybrid infrastructure options to meet client needs
    • Flexibility via INAP’s spend portability program
    • Strong provider partnership to confidently move forward on future projects

“With INAP you get a personal touch. We’ve been able to move faster and with more flexibility than with other providers, which works well for us when we need to spin up new services quickly. We have built a level of comfort and trust with INAP, which I believe is intangible for a successful partnership.”

Indy Kambo

Freedomtech Solutions COO

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