Tech Talent: Meeting the Needs
of an Evolving IT Profession


Download the report to learn how to better understand and navigate the challenges around recruiting and retaining tech talent.

The IT talent landscape is more complex than ever before, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this new report, INAP investigates what IT professionals involved in hiring decisions look for in today’s talent pool as infrastructure demands and priorities shift.

The report explores the impact of the pandemic on staffing, asking:

  • How will the post-COVID world impact organizations’ tech needs?
  • How do organizations need to look at their IT talent strategy on the other side of the pandemic?
  • What skills are needed from current IT professionals and new graduates entering the workforce?

Over the past year, the increased demand on IT professionals highlighted the many ways IT teams keep their organizations functioning. IT professionals need to demonstrate flexibility, creativity and resourcefulness to ensure success, requiring changes in the way businesses attract and retain IT talent.

— Michael Sicoli, INAP President and CEO