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Disaster Recovery Solutions

Imagine losing your client database, financial records and all work files your company has ever compiled. How quickly could your company recover?

Disaster Recovery

INAP offers disaster recovery solutions to reduce risk and stabilize your capital and operating expenses. Unlike in-house disaster recovery, which can be expensive and drain your IT resources, we provide a DR recovery site within one of our high-availability data centers. Take advantage of our off-the-shelf disaster recovery solutions to design and implement DR sites based on the specific needs of your organization and DR plan, or choose our Managed DR solution.

Managed Disaster Recovery

AgileDR – Custom-designed disaster recovery solutions for your mission-critical systems and
workloads with proactive monitoring & reporting. Download the data sheet to learn more.

Hybrid Approach – Our Managed DR solution can be deployed using virtual or physical architecture, or a combination of both at the production and recovery sites with various off-site data storage options. Our unique ability to hybridize multiple infrastructure platforms allows us to design a DR solution that best serves your application and business continuity needs.

DR site management – Managed DR services include design and implementation of the DR site as well as administration and maintenance to ensure steady state. Download the data sheet to learn more.

Enterprise tools – Managed DR leverages host-based replication via VMware® vSphere, storage-based replication via NetApp SnapMirror, and VMware SRM as the orchestration component to minimize downtime and reduce revenue loss.

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