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INAP Announces Expanded Bare Metal Solutions for Sovrn

    Internationally recognized online advertising technology firm continues to expand INAP multi-year partnership for bare metal IaaS offerings

    INAP’s data centers in Seattle and Ashburn added as strategic bare metal hosting sites to service Sovrn’s current and future customers

RESTON, Va., May 20, 2019 – Internap Corporation (NASDAQ: INAP), a leading-edge provider of high-performance data center and cloud solutions with global network connectivity, today announced an expanded cloud hosting agreement with Sovrn, an advocate and partner to independent publishers who represent more than 40,000+ websites.

Sovrn continues to grow their footprint with INAP based on INAP’s high-performance, scalable bare metal and network services, which currently support the company’s fast-growing advertising, data, and commerce tools, technologies and services. INAP’s expanded, customized solution for Sovrn will be added to INAP’s data centers in Seattle and Ashburn, in addition to INAP’s New York/New Jersey metro, Silicon Valley, Chicago and Amsterdam data centers already supporting the company’s mission.

“Our ability to expand to meet the needs of Sovrn’s business showcases our flexibility and commitment to our customers. I am thrilled to support this growing partnership,” said Jennifer Curry, SVP of Global Cloud Services. “INAP’s goal is not only to create custom data center and cloud solutions that power and scale Sovrn’s business applications but to remain a trusted advisor and partner supporting their success.”

“INAP continues to be a trusted partner for Sovrn, as their superior network performance allows us to expand into strategically important regions such as Seattle and Ashburn,” said Jesse Demmel, CTO of Sovrn.

INAP’s Bare Metal platform is a high-performance, single-tenant hosting solution built on the latest enterprise-grade hardware. API enabled services provide for rapid configuration and customization empowering customers like Sovrn to deploy their applications efficiently as they bring partners online.

Each custom-configured or on-demand server also includes INAP Performance IP®. INAP’s route-optimized IP service automatically directs Sovrn’s outbound traffic along the lowest-latency path. Globally, INAP’s Performance IP executes approximately 500 million route optimizations every day.

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