From the core to the edge, connect your world
with INAP.


The INAP Connectivity Solutions product suite provides high availability and scalable connectivity services across our global network and into your data centers. Combined with our one-of-a-kind route-optimized IP service, build the high-performance network your applications require and your users demand.

Whatever your use case, wherever you need to be, the following connectivity solutions are available for customers on the INAP global network.

Metro Connect

Connect to multiple Data Centers within a metro.

Avoid single points of failure within key markets via INAP’s high-capacity metro network rings. Metro Connect provides multiple points of egress for your traffic and is Performance IP® enabled. Metro rings are built on dark fiber and use state-of-the-art networking gear.

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Network Connect

Connect between any INAP Data Center and network POP.

Connect across our high-capacity backbone to multiple network locations. Choose between 20 strategically located global markets and 90+ POPs. Need to connect your Dallas and London offices? Or reach a new audience in central Europe from the Bay Area? We can take you there via the most efficient, high-performing path.

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Cloud Connect

Connectivity from the INAP network to cloud service providers.

On-ramp to the cloud with high-speed connectivity options. Ideal for linking your INAP Colo or Cloud solutions to hyperscale environments.

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