Global network.
Scalable and secure connectivity.
INAP is everywhere that you need to be.

Optimize your workloads, costs and performance with a network properly configured in a hybrid infrastructure design. With INAP’s robust global network presence and comprehensive Network Connectivity Solutions, nowhere is off-limits. Connect where you need to be and let our proprietary route optimization engine do the work to guarantee the high performance, low latency and reliability your applications require.

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We’ve built our network to connect you to anywhere you need to be. Even as it expands, we’re committed to making sure that it remains flexible enough to accommodate your future growth too.


You don’t need to explain to us what downtime means for you and your applications. Network connectivity at all times is a must. Our network’s 99.999% availability means you won’t have to worry about explaining it to your customers either.

Redundancy and Security

Easily replicate workloads without having to traverse the public internet. Connect securely to all of your environments, including colocation, on-premise solutions and hyperscale public cloud. INAP’s network helps you secure traffic between all of these environments.

Low Latency

Performance IP®, our proprietary route optimization engine, leverages intelligent automation to ensure the lowest latency possible for your outbound traffic—all day, every day, no matter what.

Performance IP®

For demanding applications, every millisecond counts. Reduce latency and packet loss with INAP’s patented, unparalleled Performance IP® solution.

Our Network Solutions


Connectivity Solutions

Get network connectivity to anywhere you need from wherever you are. Explore all our Connectivity Solutions.

Manage DDoS

Managed DDoS

Let us handle the day-to-day of protecting your network from malicious attacks with our Managed DDoS service. Explore Managed Security.