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Performance IP™ Service

Every millisecond counts.

Reduce latency and improve network performance with INAP’s Performance IP service. By combining multiple carrier backbones and real-time route optimization, Performance IP provides reliable, high-speed IP service for stable, consistent connectivity.

Backed by our proprietary route optimization technology, Performance IP enhances Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) by dynamically evaluating a broader set of performance factors across a diverse set of possible paths.

Performance IP OverviewGet Data SheetSee the optimal route for your website traffic.

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Performance IP offers lowest latency vs. other carriersPerformanceIP Latency Chart
  • IPv6 CompatibilityPerformance IP is compatible with IPv4 and IPv6 for future-proof IP deployments. Allocation of IP addresses complies with the America Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) policy.
  • Ultra-low LatencyPerformance IP enhances BGP by considering additional factors to find the fastest path, including latency, jitter and service-degrading brown and black outs. Reduces latency by 35 milliseconds per packet round-trip time on average, compared with sub-optimal carrier routes.
  • Port and Access OptionsPerformance IP offers flexible access alternatives based on proximity, platform and bandwidth needs, including leased lines, Metropolitan Access Networks and data center cross-connects.
  • Network MonitoringOur world-class Network Operations Center (NOC) constantly monitors your network to free you up from managing connectivity, complexity and Network Service Provider relationships.
  • High AvailabilityDirect access to multiple ISP backbones reduces the risk of network outages. Other fail-safe network features include end-to-end N+1 design, hot swappable spares, and comprehensive monitoring via two geographically-dispersed network operations centers.
  • Service Level GuaranteesIndustry-leading Service Level Agreement (SLA) supports 100% uptime. Learn more.
See the optimal route for your website traffic.See the optimal route for your website traffic.Show Me
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