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Route Optimization Technology

On-premise route optimization every 90 seconds for your multi-homed networks

Managed Internet Route Optimizer Controller is a route optimization appliance that improves performance and reduces costs for multi-homed networks. By automatically managing Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and re-routing traffic, MIRO Controller guarantees performance levels for critical applications. Leveraging a new policy engine, MIRO Controller can now identify traffic by ASN, prefix or application and optimize for cost, performance or a customized blend of the two. Request a demo.

MIRO Controller proactively manages IP network issues by continually monitoring latency, packet loss, route stability and congestion. With access to detailed data for each carrier, the MIRO Controller dashboard provides visibility into the performance and cost metrics of your multi-homed network. See MIRO Controller FAQs.

  • Network Configuration

    Network Configuration
    Route optimization every 90 secondsMIRO Controller probes and optimizes all routes every 90 seconds to ensure superior performance at all times for your multi-homed network.
    Learn more about multi-homing.

  • Performance & cost controlAchieve the best of both worlds by simultaneously optimizing for cost and performance with rules-based routing to maximize contract commits across carriers. Download the data sheet.
  •  Streamlined user authenticationMIRO Controller is compatible with LDAP, TACACS and RADIUS remote authentication methods for more streamlined infosec user management.
    Get the technical guide.
  • Hardware Configuration

    Hardware Configuration
    Up to 1 million adjustments per hourMIRO Controller uses a deterministic route optimization engine and offers greater scalability by optimizing all active prefixes at the same time.
    Learn more about route control.

  •  Actionable real-time analyticsManage performance and contract usage with detailed reporting and analytics on carrier data, packet loss, optimizations made and route changes. See the dashboard.
  • Adaptable hardware optionsMIRO Controller is available as a 1G, 2G, 5G, 10G, 20G or 40G box. It supports popular network protocols (NetFlow, sFlow, IPFIX) and can optimize both IPv4 and IPv6 prefixes. View the FAQs.

See MIRO Controller FAQs.

See how MIRO Controller works


Start optimizing your routes every 90 seconds.

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