Managed Storage

Storage as flexible as your applications.

Offload your storage management to INAP and reclaim your time and resources.

Our dedicated Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions for Colocation and Bare Metal are as flexible and scalable as you need them to be. It’s simple to order more storage through our portal, so you never have to worry about running out of space. Around-the-clock, expert support means you don’t have to worry about anything else either.

Why INAP Managed Storage?

High Performance

Nimble flash arrays combine predictive analytics and unified flash fabric to continuously anticipate, diagnose and prevent downtime before it can happen. INAP Quality of Service (QoS) ensures that the performance you need stays consistent.


Guaranteed 99.999% uptime, triple-parity RAID and replication to another INAP storage array for easy redundancy.

Scalability & Flexibility

No waiting for hardware to be installed: Additional storage is logically added to your storage pool when you need it, and new deployments can be rolled out live—with no need for downtime.


Secure isolation and encryption capabilities seamlessly accommodate your HIPAA or PCI compliance needs.

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