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Managed Security Services

Prevent attacks, improve performance and reduce data recovery costs with INAP’s managed security services. With 24/7 protection and flexible deployment options, our managed security services can help your business meet regulatory and best practice requirements, such as FSA, DPA, Basel, ISO 17799, HIPAA and GLA.

Managed firewall
Firewalls require regular assessment, configuration and updates to remain effective against intrusion. Protect your applications with industry-leading Stateful Packet Inspection, Intrusion Prevention, as well as optional real-time fingerprint threat detection and VPN services.

Managed anti-DDoS
Protect your business from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks using leading-edge filtering and advanced routing techniques. In addition to protecting all layers of your network, INAP can also help identify and stop the delivery mechanisms. As the volume and duration of DDoS attacks increases, the ability to successfully protect your websites and applications from malicious DDoS attacks becomes critical.

Managed intrusion prevention and detection
With INAP’s Managed Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and Intrusion Detection System (IDS), you receive proactive network surveillance and monitoring that is configured, managed and updated regularly by technical experts. Identify and address vulnerabilities and intrusions using our patented, always-on algorithms and a 24/7 Security Operations Center for monitoring and remediation of threats to your critical application environments.

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