Cloud computing, often depicted as the vast treasure trove of seemingly limitless resources, is not a “one-size-fits-all” proposition. While there are certainly a wide array of needs that cloud computing can meet, some businesses are finding that they need a more customized set of infrastructure components to really maximize their business.

OwnerIQ, a digital advertising intelligence and media buying company, is an example of an organization that started in the cloud, but moved to the managed services provider Internap for a number of reasons. OwnerIQ is privately held and based in Boston. They are back by area investors: Kepha Partners, Atlas Venture, Common Angels, Egan-Managed Capital, Massachusetts Technology Development Corporation and Longworth Venture Partners.

“OwnerIQ needed a distributed footprint for hosting. Performance, low latency and ability to handle large data transactions were all very important to OwnerIQ,” said Raj Dutt, Senior Vice President of Technology, Internap. Read the article.