Mobile advertising platform provider Taptica has shifted almost all of its workload from the cloud to bare metal servers – currently it’s using around 100 and adding around four a month — and says it’s now getting better performance and a better price.

The company had been using practically every kind of offering from Rackspace, including dedicated servers, Rackspace’s first generation cloud offering and its more updated cloud service. The setup was getting unwieldy and, with anticipated future growth on the horizon, Taptica started looking at its options, said Tomer Weizman, CTO of Taptica.

The company first looked closely at Amazon Web Services. “Amazon was very mature in their infrastructure but we needed to change everything to move there,” Weizman said. “And we would be future dependent on Amazon. When you get into Amazon, it’s very hard to get out.”

It also considered Google, in part because Google offered an “amazing price just to come and test it,” Weizman said. However, Taptica, which was acquired by Marimedia less than a month ago, found that the performance of Google’s cloud wasn’t up to snuff. After moving some workloads to Google, Taptica found that latency was about 50 percent higher than for Rackspace, Amazon or Internap.

“We need to make sure our infrastructure will behave,” he said. That kind of latency could lead to unhappy customers who could decide to cancel their agreements with Taptica, he said.

The company ultimately settled on Internap and now runs around 90 percent of its workload on bare metal servers there.

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