Agility and Flexibility for Modern IT

Your guarantee might not be what you think it is… IT infrastructure providers claim to offer all sorts of performance guarantees, but how do you know if you have a “real” risk-free guarantee? Be sure to read the fine print of your SLAS and question providers you may be considering to ensure you have a guarantee that is agile and flexible enough to meet everchanging technology and business needs.

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The High-Performance Guarantee offers a three-layer approach to minimizing risk and driving innovation:

Spend Portability

The freedom to switch geographic locations and infrastructure solutions – dollar for dollar – at any time to adapt to changing needs.

Expert Advisement

An ecosystem of experts, including thought leaders, strategic vendors and industry analysts, to evaluate your IT environment.

Performance Guarantee

The ability to reduce or end services at any time without early termination fees if the agreed performance expectations are not met.

De-Risk Your IT

At INAP, we’ve refocused our efforts to offer an unprecedented program that checks all three boxes. For more details, download an overview of our High-Performance Guarantee.


The People Difference at INAP

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