Disaster Recovery
as a Service

For all the ifs that become whens

Business continuity: It’s not just an industry term. It’s about ensuring your applications work for the people that rely on them. It’s about meeting expectations that you’ve worked tirelessly to set. It’s about protecting your reputation from the inevitable.

But you don’t need us to tell you what downtime means for your business. With INAP Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), you won’t have to explain it to your customers either.

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A DRaaS Solution for Every Application

Powered by our partners Veeam and Zerto, INAP DRaaS is flexible enough to meet a diverse range of recovery objectives and budgets without sacrificing anything else.

On-Demand DRaaS

INAP On-Demand DRaaS is a cost-efficient way to build redundancy into your infrastructure. It integrates seamlessly with our Virtual Private Cloud platform and features continuous replication. Pay only for the compute resources that you use during an actual failover event.

RPO: Under 1 hour | RTO: Under 4 hours

Disaster Response Time: Under 5 minutes

Dedicated DRaaS

INAP Dedicated DRaaS is a robust service perfect for mission-critical applications or those with strict compliance requirements. Built on our Dedicated Private Cloud infrastructure, it accommodates complex architecture and advanced configurations equally well.

RPO: Under 1 hour | RTO: Under 1 hour

Disaster Response Time: Under 5 minutes

The INAP Difference

Failover events are painful. Your Disaster Recovery solution shouldn’t ever be—and we’ve made sure of it with our purposefully engineered DRaaS solutions.

Secure Seeding

Our proprietary seeding system allows you to transfer large amounts of data to us with confidence—physically secured and fully encrypted.

DRaaS-Specific SLA

We crafted an SLA specifically to address the complexities of DRaaS that a generic SLA wouldn’t—because we know what business continuity means for you and your applications.

Managed Failover Test

We offer Managed Failover Testing with all DRaaS solutions: During the process, you will have a dedicated technician supporting your team to activate the recovery process—all according to your custom disaster recovery procedure runbook.

White Glove Service and Onboarding

Exceptional service comes free of charge. Optional, white-glove onboarding ensures both you and your support have a defined set of procedures in case of a recovery event.


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Read the blog


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