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As the world’s largest financial center and one of the world’s cultural hubs, London’s bustling economy and cosmopolitan status hardly need any introduction. Located near Heathrow Airport and a short walk from the Underground, INAP’s fault-tolerant facility offers ample data center space in the heart of the city and features a concurrently maintainable design. By utilizing free cooling and phased modular architecture design, it offers an energy-efficient design that operates at the highest standards.

Our London colocation data centers connect to Amsterdam and New York via our reliable, high-performance backbone.

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  • Availability

    Cages, Cabinets, Suites


    20 kW per Cabinet

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    Onsite 24/7/365

  • Major Industries

    Finance, Media, Technology & Manufacturing


Data Center Solutions

Custom Data Center solutions are INAP’s specialty. We offer private cages with 50kW or more and suites with 250kW or more of power.

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Network Connectivity

Powered by our reliable network backbone, connect quickly and seamlessly with Performance IP and Connectivity Solutions.

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High Density

Via high power density— our data centers let you fit more gear into a smaller space and reduce your overall footprint.

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Energy Efficient

Utilization of air containment and LED lighting amongst other technologies to make our data center as environmentally friendly as possible.

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Downtown London Data Center
11 Hanbury Street
Spitalfields, London
London Data Center
8-9 Harbour Exchange Square
Isle of Dogs, London
London POP
8 Buckingham Avenue


We spare no effort to meet (and exceed) industry standards for security, compliance and redundancy because we know you can’t put a price on peace of mind.

Tier 3 Design

Our data centers employ redundant and dual-powered servers, storage, network links and other IT components.

Concurrent Maintainability

Maintenance on power and cooling systems can take place without disrupting operations.


Our centers are not tied to any one service provider (telecommunications or IS), allowing interconnection between many colocation and interconnection providers.

Bare Metal Cloud

Bare Metal Cloud offers seamless on-demand capacity expansion with the performance and security of colocation.

Fault Tolerant

Our data centers are designed with multiple equal power and cooling systems and no single point of failure.


Our robust systems ensure the security, availability, confidentiality and privacy of our data centers meet the highest standards.

Raised Flooring

We design our data centers with raised flooring, running cooling underneath to achieve efficient and reliable temperature maintenance.

Fire Protection

Sub-floor detection, remote monitoring and smoke/heat detection are just some of the ways we provide fire protection.

Environment Control

From our large cooling capacity to humidity control, our data centers are designed with environment control strategies in mind.

Cooling Redundancy

To achieve Tier 3-design and concurrent maintainability in our Atlanta data centers, we build out full cooling redundancy.

Intrusion Detection

State-of-the-art security technology, including video monitoring and recording, is active at all INAP data centers.

On-Site Guards

In addition to security technology, our data centers have human security monitoring the premises.

Access Control

Card access, keypads and PIN systems, in addition to human personnel, secure access at our data centers.

Redundant Power Source

To meet compliance standards, including Tier 3-design data center specifications, redundant power sources are incorporated into our facility design.

Backup Generator

Every INAP data center has a backup generator strategy and redundant power source.

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