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More than speed: Why IP service matters

Ansley Kilgore,

At Internap, our Performance IPTM service is fundamental to our high-performance infrastructure offerings. By leveraging the strength of multiple carriers, Performance IP routes your traffic over the best performing path to minimize network problems. The result is redundant, high-speed connections with ultra-low latency to ensure that your workloads and applications can achieve optimal performance.

But Performance IP isn’t just about speed. Our customers use it as part of their high-performance infrastructure for a variety of reasons. Let’s take a look at the different ways our customers benefit from Performance IP.

Adtech: engage BDR

Companies in the adtech space require ultra-low latency to serve ads and respond to bid requests within an ad exchange. As a digital advertising company, engage:BDR initially used Amazon Web Services (AWS) for its infrastructure needs, but after expanding into the realm of programmatic ad purchasing, bandwidth usage increased dramatically and so did costs. As a result, the company began looking for a more cost-effective alternative. engage:BDR now uses Internap’s Performance IP service and Content Delivery Network (CDN) to keep latency low and process up to 2 billion queries per day.
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Mobile gaming: Crowdstar

The ability to provide a flawless user experience is critical for mobile gaming companies like Crowdstar. Focused exclusively on female gamers, the company needed a scalable infrastructure that could support traffic surges and game upgrades without compromising on performance requirements.

By using Performance IP along with bare-metal servers, Crowdstar was able to reduce rendering speed by 60-70 milliseconds on average per render. Crowdstar’s real-time rendering engine processes hundreds of renders per minute, so this represented a significant cost savings and also provided a better user experience.
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Website security: Distil Networks

In addition to low latency and speed, Distil Networks had a specific IP requirement that other providers couldn’t meet. As an enterprise-class bot-blocking solution, Distil Networks needed the ability to do BGP broadcast with anycast, so that they don’t need an extra set of IP addresses. Essentially, the Distil Networks prefix shows up as a local preference to ‘eyeball’ networks, regardless of origin. Performance IP allows Distil Networks to operate a proxy service that is faster than most CDNs, without having to significantly invest in network and transit provider contracts. Since Performance IP is an aggregate of several tier-1 networks, cost control is much easier than having to directly manage commits for multiple carriers.
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In the examples above, each company has a different business case for Performance IP. Many of our customers use it via other Internap infrastructure services, such as managed hosting, colocation or cloud – all of which are faster and more effective because of Performance IP and its underlying Managed Internet Route OptimizerTM technology. Regardless of industry or use case, Performance IP gives Internap customers the ability to create a high-performance, low latency infrastructure at a reasonable cost.

Download the Performance IP data sheet to learn more.

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