engage:BDR Reduces Latency for Advertisers

Business Challenge

As a digital advertising company, engage:BDR is considered a pioneer in the adtech industry. The company requires a low-latency environment to support their fully managed solution and standalone real-time bidding (RTB) platform. Initially, engage:BDR used Amazon Web Services (AWS), but as bandwidth usage costs grew exponentially, the company looked for a more cost-effective alternative.


Responses to bid requests need to take place within 75 milliseconds, and lower latency gives more leeway for ad purchasers to respond. After evaluating other solutions, engage:BDR chose Internap’s Performance IPTM and Content Delivery Network (CDN) services. While the decision was initially driven by cost, engage:BDR has seen significantly lower latency since making the switch.


  • Significant cost savings and lower latency
  • Process up to 2 billion queries per day
  • Efficient delivery of large files for ad content
  • Close proximity to DSPs and SSPs

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