What’s Behind the Bare Metal Resurgence?

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Privacy, control, performance, and predictable costs are among the many reasons Bare Metal cloud is making a comeback. We share even more in our ebook – and the data to back them up.

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Find Out Why CIOs Are Looking Beyond the Cloud

For the past few years, accelerating cloud migration has been a priority for every CIO and CTO. Now that we’re more than a decade in, savvy executive leaders are taking a more nuanced approach.

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  • Where public cloud providers are falling short
  • The new challenges of running in-house infrastructure
  • Why IT leaders are giving bare metal cloud a second glance
  • How to find a bare metal cloud provider in a sea of sameness

96% of IT decision makers have experienced significant challenges to implementing their cloud strategy.


Top Recent Cloud Security Incidents

  • Oct. 2022: Microsoft confirmed a server misconfiguration leaked 65,000+ companies’ data
  • May 2022: AWS exposed 6.5 TB of information on servers belonging to Pegasus Airlines
  • March 2022: The Lapsus$ hacker group breached Microsoft’s Azure DevOps server and stole 37 GB of data
  • Dec. 2021: Hackers used compromised Google Cloud accounts for cryptocurrency mining
  • April 2021: Facebook reported a breach affecting hundreds of millions of user records