INAP In the News: Jennifer Curry, SVP, Global Cloud Services, Interviewed by TechRepublic

On Black Friday, TechRepublic published a piece on INAP’s newly released State of IT Infrastructure Management survey report, with commentary from INAP’s SVP of Global Cloud Services, Jennifer Curry. Curry spoke on the decline of the on-premise data center, how IT leaders feel about hybrid strategies and how IT pros spend their time. She also offered recommendations on what IT leaders can do to help their infrastructure strategies earn top marks.

“Companies are even more committed to a hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure strategy and predict a significant reduction in on-premise data center footprints.”

“Infrastructure monitoring continues to be IT’s most loathed time magnet. In general, we see that teams spend too much energy on routine activities and upkeep and are looking for new solutions and partners to offload those responsibilities. Doing so allows internal experts to focus on value-added activities.”

“First, they must ensure each platform is optimized for the unique needs of their workloads. In other words, don’t go all-in on one solution or cloud if it’s detrimental to the performance of certain applications.”

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