INAP In the News: Jennifer Curry Promotes INAP Research in New Article for Fast Company

INAP’s Jennifer Curry, Senior Vice President of Global Cloud Services, shares our survey data on overhyped tech buzzwords with Fast Company in a new piece on reclaiming tech messaging.

Curry first outlines the difference between business jargon and buzzwords, stating that overuse and failure to define these buzzy words is the real problem.

“A problematic number of techy buzzwords […] actively get in the way of comprehension, leading to a distinct feeling the messenger is relying on a copycat marketing tactic as opposed to substantive communication.”

She then shares the terms that IT pros ranked as most overhyped and most deserving of attention before launching into a call for action for all tech pros to put meaning into these words again.

“We can absolutely take back fatigued buzzwords by paying more attention to execution, and by being especially meticulous in our messaging decisions.”

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