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Yottaa is a cloud-based application acceleration platform that drives user engagement to increase business impact across online and mobile channels. It has created a patented mix of hybrid cloud and physical infrastructure and technologies to provide:

  • Acceleration – ensure online apps engage users as quickly as possible and maintain a consistent, scalable and immersive experience.
  • Targeting – deliver context-sensitive responses to drive conversions by delivering user and device-specific customizations and optimizations.
  • Control – complete, 24×7 visibility and insight into online operation and performance, so users can maximize their success across every channel.

Yotta’s patented ContextIntelligence platform technology accelerates online applications and enables business innovation without changing code, or replacing expensive and incomplete point solutions for CDN, FEO and marketing automation. With a breakthrough innovation called AppSequencing, Yottaa dynamically transforms online applications to optimally and dynamically serve each user’s device for the best possible experience to maximize conversions and revenue without compromising IT standards.

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