A mantra chanted by organizations reluctant to embrace the cloud is that it’s insecure, but that hymn changes after a company actually sets up shop in the nimbus.

However, once in the cloud, an organization – especially one with big data demands – can find the public cloud huffing and puffing to keep pace with those demands.

Those were among the findings of a survey of 234 Internet infrastructure decision makers conducted earlier this year by Internap. More than a third (40 percent) of the respondents who didn’t use cloud services cited security as their primary reason for not using public cloud services. Yet, of those surveyed who were cloud users, only 15 percent cited security as a top challenge for them. That percentage ranked security below performance (30 percent), cost-at-scale (28 percent), reliability (22 percent) and compliance (16 percent).

Security also trailed performance and cost when cloud-savvy organizations were asked to rank what was most important to them when choosing a cloud provider. Almost half (44 percent) ranked performance as their number one criterion for picking a cloud offering, followed by 20 percent who chose cost and 10 percent who cited security.

“These findings suggest that many [cloud] providers’ internal data center networks may not deliver the fast and consistent throughput and low latency that is essential for high-performing cloud applications, such as those that need to pull massive amounts of information from a database,” the Internap researchers wrote. “These applications require cloud infrastructure that can cost-effectively scale on demand while ensuring the predictable, high performance needed to instantly ingest, store and analyze data from billions of transactions.”

Because Internap makes a cloud offering that competes with traditional public cloud providers, some may see the survey findings as less than surprising. Nevertheless, they do reflect real problems facing organizations with high performance needs for a cloud deployment.

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