One of the biggest opportunity areas for the open source OpenStack cloud operating system is delivering to the requirements of organizations who want a cloud story, but have existing assets that they need to continue using. Unlike Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other “pure play” public cloud offerings, OpenStack plays well in this more complex hybrid world. So it’s not surprising to see vendors rolling up to deliver commercial offerings that leverage this fact.

Today it’s the turn of Internap, a global player with extensive data center coverage with virtualized, managed, co-located and bare-metal offerings. Given this complexity of offering it is unsurprising to hear that Internap is announcing a beta availability of an OpenStack product available in a hybrid configuration of both virtualized and bare-metal kit. The new version of the Internap AgileCLOUD product is touted as the first cloud platform that exposes both virtualized and bare-metal compute over a native OpenStack API.

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