Hybrid Cloud

How do you get the flexibility of cloud with consistent performance? The answer is INAP’s hybrid cloud.

Most people associate traditional public cloud service with elastic scalability and the ability to handle constant shifts in demand. However, performance issues can arise for certain data-intensive or high-availability workloads.

INAP’s hybrid cloud combines bare-metal and virtualized clouds into a unified environment allowing your business to optimize for scale, performance and cost simultaneously.

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Advantages of Hybrid Cloud
  • Cost efficiencyBetter align your cost structure with your end-user demand by utilizing bare-metal servers for predictable workloads and elastic scalability of virtual servers for cloud bursting.
  • Unified network Layer 2 Virtual LAN connectivity combines cloud and bare-metal infrastructure, allowing you to quickly move IP addresses and share firewalls and load balancers across environments.
  • Unified management platform Programmatically provision, manage and monitor virtual and physical servers from a single pane-of glass.
  • Single partner By partnering with a single infrastructure provider to support your hybrid cloud needs, you have a unified application environment, one Master Service Agreement (MSA), one customer support team, and a single invoice
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