An Informative Webinar
on Hybrid IT

Speaker: Michael Maggio

April 13, 2021 • 2:00 PM GMT

Ad Tech’s produce content the world depends on for information, commerce and innovative entertainment. That’s why INAP believe it’s crucial to have access to a dynamic eco-system of different Technologies

Join Industry Veteran Michael Maggio as he hosts an informative webinar on Hybrid Infrastructure aimed at the Ad Tech community. Learn how a Hybrid IT strategy allows businesses to maximize the control and easy access of an on-premise solution, with the convenience, scalability, cost and collaboration benefits of a cloud platform and the ability to scale resources for each workload whilst choosing the best application for the job.

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More about Michael Maggio

Michael started his career in Ad Tech and joins us as a Subject Matter Specialist for all things Cloud & Network. As a self-confessed network nerd Michael gained his experience at companies such as Oracle where he was the Senior Manager of IaaS and App/Dev Platform team for a number of years.

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We’ll give each attendee a $10 Deliveroo Voucher plus other exclusive offers after the session such as; Your own 3-node Bare Metal cluster to test Public & Private Connectivity free of charge, or double bandwidth for up to 12 months.

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