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Feature-Rich Dynamic Web Acceleration

We know that you need to provide your customers with fast and reliable dynamic content so they can have the best user experience.

INAP’s CDN web acceleration provides the right tools to achieve the performance you need with the flexibility to manage your site and your sensitive content. Using our CDN portal, you can easily set all the features you need and track the relevant metrics.

Cascading origins

Our CDN will check multiple customer origins, in the order you specify, for the right data so that your users can always find the content they are looking for.

Geographic restrictions (Geofencing)

Keep your content in the reach of your intended audience by allowing or denying access to your content based on specific locations or countries.

Error page customization

Improve the user experience of your content by customizing the error pages in your site by setting personalized messaging for 400 and 500 errors.

IP and referrer whitelist/blacklist restriction

As deep linking continues to proliferate through the internet, use our whitelist and blacklist restrictions to protect your sensitive content and ensure it falls in the right hands.

Token authentication

Use either a date based or perpetual token to protect your content from unauthorized downloading.

Per-site default expiration time

Quickly and easily customize your cache behavior by setting an expiration date for caching.

Vary header support

Increase your site’s performance by indicating to intermediate caches whether the content of the URL has changed.

Custom and shared SSL certificates

Easily upload your own SSL certificates or use the INAP shared SSL certificate. While using the shared certificate, the content delivery domain will be INAP’s.

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