An Informative Webinar on
Hybrid IT for Visual Effects Studios

Speaker: Michael Maggio

June 24, 2021 • 2:30 PM GMT

In today’s highly competitive film industry, state of the art visual effects are the key to success. Audiences’ demands for an immersive visual experience are increasing, driven by the adoption of 3D, Ultra High Definition and Virtual Reality. This phenomenon is stretching the resources of Visual Effects studios. That’s why INAP believes it’s crucial to have access to a dynamic eco-system of different Technologies.

Join Industry Veteran Michael Maggio as he hosts an informative webinar on Hybrid Infrastructure aimed at the Visual Effects community. Learn how a Hybrid IT strategy allows businesses to maximize the control and easy access of an on-premise solution, with the convenience, scalability, cost and collaboration benefits of a cloud platform and the ability to scale resources for each workload whilst choosing the best application for the job.

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Michael joins us as a Subject Matter Specialist for all things Cloud & Network. As a self-confessed cloud computing nerd Michael gained his experience at companies such as Level 3 and Oracle, where he was the Senior Manager of IaaS and App/Dev Platform team for a number of years.

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We’ll give each attendee a $10 Deliveroo Voucher plus other exclusive offers after the session including your own free of charge Remote Rendering trial to test INAP Bare Metal Services and prove the concept of flexible, project based, remote rendering without using the public cloud

Ever wondered how Framestore uses Private Cloud for animation and unbelievable visual effects?

Framestore, famous for their visual effects work in films like Blade Runner 2049 and the Darkest Hour, partners with INAP for customized private cloud services. INAP’s dedicated cloud rendering and dedicated network extension supports Framestore’s security requirements and their increased capacity needs on demand.

Framestore selected INAP because of its proximity to its clients globally, superior redundancy in power and network and its ability to meet Framestore’s mission critical infrastructure capacity requirements. The film, advertising and content industry continues to use the cloud for animation and unbelievable visual effects, and INAP is the perfect fit for these types of companies.

“We’re committed to providing Framestore great amounts of Cloud infrastructure and network quality, all at competitive pricing, with superior performance, service and value,” said Roberto Montesi, INAP’s VP & General Manager.

“INAP’s ability to provide a dedicated link from our locations to their private cloud facility, and readily support the volume and scale we need continues to be a key contributor to our great working relationship,” said Steve MacPherson, Framestore CTO, VFX.

For rendering jobs that require hundreds of servers with short notice, INAP continues to deliver performance, agility and cost competitiveness. Its ability to deliver a powerful render farm by providing a high-end network backbone and critical facility needs are critical to Framestore and other companies in this space.