What Would You Do to
Recover from a Disaster?

Rice may work for your smart phone,
but won’t cut it for your servers.

Business Impact


DIY: Build your own
Disaster Recovery Plan.

Download the Business Impact Analysis and build your customized DR Plan:
  • 1
    Start by assessing the impact to your business if a security breach, natural disaster or other emergency results in downtime.
  • 2
    Outline which data and workloads need immediate recovery and determine the timeline that ancillary applications could be brought online to minimize disruption to your business.
  • 3
    With your RTO and RPO requirements in hand you can build a cost efficient backup, replication and DRaaS architecture customized to you.


Whether it’s a hurricane, flood, tornado or wildfire, businesses can be blindsided when natural disaster strikes. In fact, the financial impact of a slow recovery can be as catastrophic as the disaster itself. Test your knowledge to see if your data would survive.

Plan today. Protect your business.

Don’t play the odds or resort to desperate measures when your business is at stake. Instead chat with one of our experts or explore INAP DRaaS.

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