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Service Level Agreement

INAP’s SLA applies to the end-to-end networks, up to the point at which your network takes over — not just the parts that we control. This commitment to reliability is essential for enterprise-class businesses that can’t afford to experience even a minute of downtime.

Proactive crediting
Not only does our Network Operations Center proactively notify you in the event of a network issue, but we also back up our SLA with specified proactive credits. Because downtime is money, our event clock starts ticking when the event begins. Other service providers don’t consider themselves in breach of their SLA until you’ve called support and opened a trouble ticket. To us, that simply isn’t “service.”

What our SLA covers*
Our SLA supports the following North American performance metrics:

The INAP SLA also covers:

*Terms and conditions of the INAP SLA apply.


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