Managed Internet Route Optimizer (MIRO)

Learn how Internap’s Managed Internet Route Optimizer™ (MIRO) constantly evaluates route characteristics to improve performance.

Hosting in data center providers, as well as many large enterprises, often leverages multiple ISPs or network providers to improve Internet redundancy and availability.

This practice, sometimes referred to as multi-homing, allows content and applications to traverse a greater diversity of network paths to any given destination across the Internet, thereby reducing the likelihood and impact of network issues.

Core routing decisions for multi-homed networks, including the Internet as a whole, are made by the Border Gateway Protocol, or BGP. By design, BGP guarantees that traffic will go through the shortest route, or fewest number of network hops, to reach its destination. Unfortunately, BGP does not guarantee the optimal path, because it only relies on network hops to make routing decisions.

Optimal routes are determined by a number of factors beyond simple hop counts. These constantly changing variables include network capacity, traffic, network health, and distance to destination, to name a few.

Because BGP can’t assess these factors, it frequently points traffic to inefficient routes, resulting in increased latency, packet loss and jitter. This can cause unacceptable load times and processing delays for critical applications like video streaming, gaming, e-commerce, Voice Over IP and other performance-sensitive applications. Network engineers try to monitor and correct these routing issues manually, but rapid identification rerouting is painstaking and often unsuccessful.

Internap’s Managed Internet Route Optimizer, or MIRO, was created to solve these problems. MIRO constantly evaluates route performance, and identifies the best paths for routing traffic to all the destinations on the Internet.

MIRO looks at bandwidth capacity, trafficking congestion and network blackouts and brownouts to determine the fastest and most reliable path to each destination. In fact, MIRO probes hundreds of thousands of destinations, collects a myriad of data, and makes millions of calibrations per hour to optimize network paths. This scale and speed could never be matched by engineers manually tuning a network running on BGP alone.

With latency improvements of over 20 milliseconds on average, compared to suboptimal BGP network routes, and up to two times higher availability, the benefits of a MIRO-enhanced network are clear.

MIRO technology fuels optimized traffic and application performance across Internap’s cloud, hosting and colocation services, delivering performance without compromise.