Aerospike discusses NoSQL for Big Data

In this final big data video, Brian Bulkowski and Aerospike will introduce how various data management and processing tools are used in a NoSQL big data deployment.

Aerospike is a NoSQL database which specializes in user profile storage. We’ve often been used in advertising and media markets, where user profiles and user personalization is key to making a business work.

In a user profile store, both being able to write new behaviors, as well as to be able to read very quickly and with low latency, the recent behaviors, is a very important part of every business. Optimizing and personalizing every single ad, or every single impression, or every single customer visit can be a very important part of a business.

A user profile store that is capable of using Flash and SSD technology in order to get high performance at a reasonable price is also critical to this market. Aerospike is often used in a system of data management where the Aerospike database is used in parallel with a Hadoop or warehousing analytics tier. These analytics tiers and Hadoop systems can be used by data scientists to figure out which parts of user information and which parts of the application are most important.

Let me give you an example.
Imagine that you’re using fraud detection and you’d like to figure out if a particular transaction request is fraudulent. You need to keep some real-time information, the most recent transactions that occurred, because you’d like to see if a pattern develops, such as a user, someone who is submitting transactions but is doing it from very different geographical areas. Now, your analytics tier will tell you how far away a transaction might have to be, in how short a period of time in order to be considered fraudulent. But you still need that real-time tier on the front side keeping track of every transaction and every location in order to make that algorithm work.

Aerospike works best with bare-metal servers. And in a cloud deployment, it’s important to be able to have access to bare-metal servers alongside your cloud deployment. What we’ve done with Internap and our partnership with them is, the ability to have an application have a one-click install of Aerospike on well-tuned and optimized hardware which already has Flash and SSD devices for extraordinarily low latency, and being able to store a lot of data at a reasonable server price.

To learn more, download the Performance Analysis: Benchmarking Aerospike NoSQL Databases on Bare-Metal Cloud