Raw Power: Why does Bare-Metal Cloud Rock?

The essence of metal is about creating pure, high-powered sound and turning it up as loud as possible. No bells or whistles – just guitar, bass, drums and a singer with indestructible vocal cords, all brought to life by the loudest amps available. Metal is about pushing the limits of man-made sound and getting the most “noise” out of your instruments.

For those about to rock
From Black Sabbath and Rush to Iron Maiden and Metallica, every rock show needs the right equipment to pull off a massive performance. But you’re not in a heavy metal band, and your stage has racks of servers instead of stacks of amps. For all you IT rock stars out there, it’s time to turn up the volume on your IT Infrastructure with bare-metal cloud.

Bare-metal cloud combines the processing power of dedicated physical servers with the automation capabilities of the cloud, letting you amp up your network and application performance. Without the “noisy neighbors” of multi-tenant environments, bare-metal servers can focus all their computing power on your workload, providing better performance for a smaller investment – no drum machine or Auto-Tune required.

Become an IT rock star
High-powered rock and roll was built on Marshall stacks. High-performance infrastructure is built on bare-metal servers.