OpenStack bare-metal AgileSERVER


Internap is proud to introduce the general availability of OpenStack-powered bare-metal AgileSERVER.

Bare-metal AgileSERVER allows you to provision bare-metal servers using familiar OpenStack tools. This give you on-demand, cloud-like flexibility so you never have to worry about commitments or contract terms.

High-performance hardware – Designed to provide high performance, AgileSERVER hardware configurations include the latest Intel processors and memory up to 1TB. PCI Express NVM storage with up to 1 million IOPS delivers up to 10x the performance of today’s fastest SSDs.

Networking – Get access to additional networking features exclusive to bare metal, such as bonded NICs in 1G and 10G and up to 10 VLANS per account. AgileSERVER includes fully redundant network infrastructure with 100% uptime guarantee.

Hybridization – Take advantage of hybrid capabilities to match virtual cloud or bare-metal compute resources to your workload needs. AgileSERVER supports all standard OpenStack infrastructure management tools, including an open API, the Horizon dashboard, as well as Glance image management and Heat orchestration and autoscaling functionality.

Want to learn more? Watch a step-by-step demonstration of how to provision AgileSERVER through the OpenStack Horizon dashboard.

View configurations and pricing for bare-metal AgileSERVER.