MIRO Controller

Managed Internet Route Optimizer™ Controller: Real-time route optimization for multi-homed networks

MIRO Controller is an intelligent route-optimization appliance that uses Internap’s Managed Internet Route Optimizer™ or MIRO, a technology that enhances BGP by evaluating path characteristics such as latency, packet loss, traffic and route stability.

MIRO Controller:

  • Lets you determine the most optimal routes based on cost and/or performance metrics, allowing you to fully utilize network infrastructure and analyze network performance.
  • Continually monitors your network for latency, packet loss, route stability and congestion.
  • Automatically re-routes traffic to guarantee performance levels for your critical applications.
  • Delivers metrics and reports you can use to understand your network’s state and implement changes in real time.
  • Makes your multi-homed network more cost efficient by directing traffic using cost and performance optimization knobs.

With MIRO controller, you also gain access to the MIRO Controller dashboard, which provides you with powerful management tools and quick access to valuable information and reports, such as:

  • Traffic volume – View the total of traffic moved between carriers and the volume of this traffic in megabits per second.
  • Performance – View latency by carrier over time, and check packet loss percentages to assess the performance and reliability of your network.
  • Estimated costs per carrier – Review the costs of all the carriers to help determine which ones suit your latency sensitive applications and your goals.
  • Analytics – View detailed data for each carrier, such as latency, loss, outbound/inbound traffic, contracts and capacity.

For information on MIRO Controller, request a demo to see how you can optimize your multi-homed network.