Latency: Making Milliseconds Feel Like Light Years

Latency can have a large impact on network performance, and establishing a low-latency infrastructure is the best way to ensure consistency throughout your network.

Within your application, there’s latency. There’s latency from your compute to your storage and between servers in your infrastructure, so you want to make sure you build your infrastructure with low latency at every level.

Internap allows you to have a permanent, non-transient disk option on your cloud servers powered by local SSDs, and that’s basically on the order of microseconds from your compute to your storage. When you compare that with how most cloud providers are doing storage, you’re looking at at least a few milliseconds to your network block, and that’s like a light year when compared to local storage. The fact that we can offer local SSDs right on a SATA bus is really low latency. And that’s going to matter.

It’s also important to look at latency between servers that power your application. Even a few milliseconds can make a difference. You want less than one millisecond, or ideally 10G throughput between your servers, and with our private connect network product and our Platform Connect, we offer you just that.