High-performance, sustainable data centers

Watch Randy Ortiz, VP, data center design and engineering at Internap, and Dan Prows, Director, U.S. Buildings Group, LEED AP, CSDP at Morrison Hershfield, discuss the steps required to ensure green, sustainable data center design.


So, Internap really wants to show the industry and our customers that sustainability is important to us. So to do so, we take extra steps in ensuring that we are certified as a green, sustainable facility.

There are three types of certifications that are available to us within the data center industry. We have Green Globes®, we have LEED certification, and we have the ENERGY STAR certification.

Those three green building certification programs help to justify, or to clarify, to a client what level of green, what level of sustainability does the facility actually have. In each of those certifications there are processes. Our green consultant will work on putting together the application, putting together all the parts and pieces that are important that these organizations want to see.

Sustainability consultants are important in the process. It’s important that they come in early on with the design team, because so many of the decisions that are made regarding energy, material selection and site selection are done on the front end of the design and the front end of the selection.

Once we have decided on a site, we have our design engineers, as well as our architects, come on board and begin the design process of our facility. The design team and usually the sustainability consultant will put together documentation and evidence of the design and that it meets the criteria set forth in the green building rating programs.

A solid example of a recent project that Internap has completed that actually shows substantial energy reduction would be their facility in Los Angeles. Based on the ENERGY STAR data center standard, Internap’s design was able to achieve over a 50% reduction in energy usage comparative to other similar data centers. The result of that in greenhouse gas carbon emissions or greenhouse gas emissions is a 36% reduction in similar facilities.

With energy costs on the rise, with carbon emissions issues around the world becoming an increasing problem, Internap focuses specifically on these issues to eliminate our carbon footprint on the world as a whole. So everything that we do, everything that we want to build, everything that we employ within our data centers will be energy efficient and sustainable.

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