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IP & CDN Fundamentals

Successful businesses today rely on Internet performance. For start-ups, small- and medium-sized businesses and enterprise organizations, the consequences of poor online performance directly impact the company’s bottom line.

The cost of poor performance
The economic value of online service delivery can be measured in billions of dollars and any disruption to this delivery model has real and measurable costs. As high-speed network access improves and expands globally, customer demand for high performance and feature-rich web applications increases exponentially. Poor performance creates a negative perception of the company and often drives end users to competitor’s websites.

The Internet was designed to be robust and distributed, but not necessarily efficient. End users expect superior online performance, and today’s complex applications require low latency and high availability to operate properly.
No single ISP is the best path to all destinations. Relying on a single ISP reduces connection reliability and eliminates routing options. Furthermore, distances from the end user and antiquated routing protocols can result in relatively poor performance.

What strategic action is your organization planning or taking to prevent a decline in customer satisfaction?

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