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Colocation Fundamentals

Colocation is a physical facilities option for your IT infrastructure. Under a colocation scenario, your IT assets are placed in a service provider’s facility, giving you the ability to take advantage of shared power Infrastructure, HVAC systems, physical security and redundant architecture. Modular colocation design can shorten time to market, without long lead times or onerous procurement cycles.

Key benefits

Reliability and availability
The ability to provide reliable and redundant power Infrastructure is key to business uptime. Colocation providers are able to offer uptime guarantees on power and are willing to pay down to the minute as stated in their Service Level Agreement (SLA). In the world of online business, even a second of downtime matters, making the reliability and availability of data center services a big draw for customers

Moving your infrastructure to a colocation facility can yield substantial cost savings by removing the need to build, staff, and manage your in-house server rooms or data centers.

Unlike in-house data centers or unwieldy wholesale solutions, scalable colocation allows you to purchase the space and power you need without getting tied into long contracts or massive CAPEX deployments.

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