Frost & Sullivan Report: Bare-Metal Cloud

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Frost & Sullivan Report: Bare-Metal Cloud

A Non-Virtualized Cloud Option for Performance-Sensitive Workloads

In this report, Frost & Sullivan explores why many organizations are now questioning the virtualized cloud hype and turning to bare-metal cloud for increased application performance.

Bare-metal cloud provides the flexibility and scalability associated with virtualized offers, while eliminating the challenges of virtualized servers, such as the hypervisor tax and “noisy neighbor syndrome.” Frost & Sullivan also evaluates the two leading providers of bare-metal cloud services, Internap and SoftLayer, and their respective bare-metal cloud offerings.

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  • What is the down side of virtualized clouds?
  • What exactly is bare-metal cloud?
  • What are the benefits and challenges of bare-metal cloud?
  • How do bare-metal clouds from Internap and SoftLayer perform in a head-to-head comparison?