Data Center Disaster Preparedness: Preventative Maintenance – Part 4

In addition to mock disaster drills, colocation providers should have a planned maintenance program in place. Watch our video to hear Internap’s Bill Brown, VP, Data Center Operations, discuss why preventative maintenance is a critical element of data center disaster preparedness.

At Internap, our data centers have a very robust preventative maintenance program, and all maintenance is conducted under what we call a critical equipment work authorization process. The local organizations submit a method of procedure for maintenance to occur, which is then reviewed by a committee for accuracy, completeness and contingency plans in case something unexpected occurs. The purpose of this preventative process is to ensure that a planned maintenance event does not create an emergency or affect business continuity.

Predictive maintenance
Data center providers should also incorporate predictive maintenance into their plan. This involves taking a proactive approach to end of life (EOL) equipment, and replacing old or outdated equipment to reduce the risk of failure. Be sure to ask your data center services provider how long their equipment has been in service, when the last failure was and how recently their software has been updated.

In this six-part video series, you’ll learn about several factors that should be present to minimize the risk of business disruption, including:

  1. Infrastructure design
  2. Documented response plans
  3. Mock disaster drills
  4. Preventative maintenance
  5. Clear communications
  6. The right people