Critical Design Elements for High Power Density Data Centers

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Critical Design Elements for High Power Density Data Centers

When it comes to high power density data centers, all are not created equal.

As organizations increasingly focus on heavy-duty, transactional workloads like big data analytics, they’re seeking space that can support upwards of 17kW per rack. Delivering these super high-power densities while ensuring tolerable working conditions requires careful planning and significant attention to air flow management, temperature control and electricity.

In this webinar recording, Internap’s Randy Ortiz, Vice President, Data Center Design & Engineering, discusses the technologies used in high power density data centers and the value they provide to end users.

Watch the webinar recording to learn:

  • Advantages and drivers of high-density power
  • Design considerations for high-density data centers
  • Cooling strategies for mixed environments that use equipment from the past and present
  • Power distribution planning to avoid stranded capacity and reduce risk