Considering Bare Metal as a Viable Cloud Option

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Considering Bare Metal as a Viable Cloud Option

Bare-metal cloud is rapidly emerging as a performance-centric IaaS offering.

As mission-critical applications increasingly require high IOPS and disk I/O to achieve optimal performance, bare metal can bridge the gap between virtual cloud services and dedicated hardware. With bare-metal cloud, infrastructure and operations professionals are able to provision dedicated servers in a cloud-like manner, without any overhead from virtualization software.

In this webinar, Internap’s Satish Hemachandran and our guest speaker, Forrester Research’s Richard Fichera discuss bare-metal cloud and how I&O pros can benefit from it.

Watch the bare-metal webinar recording to learn:

  • The difference between bare-metal clouds and conventional IaaS offerings
  • The advantages of bare-metal cloud for latency-sensitive workloads
  • How you can benefit from bare-metal cloud